MT810 mobile portable printer

A great compact, lightweight, mobile printer. The printer has its own battery and roll paper for printing anywhere. No Toner, No Ink, No Ribbon! High resolution 300 dpi, Thermo printing. Great print quality compared to Ribbon technology. Connection via Bluetooth 4.0 or USB Type-C (Android/iOS/Windows). Large capacity battery and long standby time. Color beige
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List Number: MT810
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Video demonstration of use::

Minimalistic design and simple operation
You can connect the MT810 printer via Bluetooth or USB-C port
to a mobile phone (avalaible app), tablet or laptop.

At first glance, the device has a pleasant minimalist design and small dimensions.
You can put the MT810 printer in a briefcase, work briefcase or backpack without any problems.
It even fits in the side pocket of a laptop bag. The weight of 0.766 kg allows you to carry it normally in a bag.

The printer does not require A4 paper, it has a replaceable roll of paper to print on.

The MT810 portable printer prints with thermal technology in monochrome mode with a print resolution of 300 Dpi.
Despite its small size and simplicity, this printer makes very good copies of documents, high-quality contracts and materials anywhere in the field.

Attention, this is a significantly higher print quality than offered by other printers with Ribbon technology !!
It supports A4 size printing and the printing speed is about 15mm/s.

The battery has a very good durability and with a capacity of 2000 mAh will provide the device with energy
to print 70 pages or 26 hours of standby time.
You can charge it using a USB-C cable by connecting it to a PC, to a car charger, or using a power bank.

Print sample:


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