Print photo collages with ease

07. 11. 2023, 12:20

Compact photo printer HPRT CP4100, printing photo collages with ease

Photo collage printing has become a new trend these years. Whether you are a photography enthusiast expressing your artistic vision or a proud parent capturing your child's precious moments, the demand for personalized collage prints is on the rise. However, online collage printing services often come with drawbacks such as long wait times for orders and limited design creativity due to template limitations. That's where the HPRT CP4100 compact photo printer comes in to help you print collage photos with ease.


The HPRT CP4100 is a cost-effective and affordable photo printer that delivers exceptional value. To satisfy your desire for personalization, HPRT offers a powerful photo editing application called "HeyPhoto".

This application provides a wide variety of passport photo printing templates and different printing styles. What is even more remarkable is its AR printing feature. Simply print any image from the video and scan it with the app to bring your photos to life!


One standout feature is the photo collage feature. This photo editing app offers a variety of photo collage printing templates that support up to 9 photos in one print.

With our diverse range of collage printing options, you have access to a variety of photo prints, including small photo prints in sizes like 2x2 and 2x3, as well as larger 4x4 Instagram photos. Whether you're creating complex collage designs or simply combining multiple photos, it's easy.



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